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Rose Essential Oil (Rosa centifolia)

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Rose essential oil is a mood enhancer, great for healing our emotional wounds. It helps relieve melancholy, depression, disappointment, sadness, grief and heartache.  Due to its low toxicity Rose Otto is a safe choice for children.  It helps balance hormones so is terrific for PMT and the menopause.  It is also haemostatic - helps stop bleeding.   Useful for circulation problems and balancing blood pressure.  Helps mental fatigue, exhaustion and stress and aids memory.  Rose oil is one of the most antiseptic of essences.  Superb as a stress reliever and symptoms such as nervous tension and peptic ulcers.  Rose has a powerful tonic effect on the nervous system, stomach, liver and spleen - not often used because of the expense and because there are other essential oils that are equally as effective.  Can be used to help women suffering from frigidity and men suffering from impotence.  Useful for treating insomnia.  As for skin treatment, Rose Otto has antiseptic, tonic and soothing qualities make it great for general skincare, but it is particularly good for mature, dry and sensitive skin.  It is also vasoconstriction which makes it good for reducing redness.

Country Of Origin - USA


Rose essential oil is an emmenogogue so avoid in pregnancy.